Fast Typing Game

Fast Typing Game

Keyboard writing speed game

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"Fast Typing Game" is an iPhone/iPad game to test, calculate and improve your writing speed (typing) and your accuracy, while having fun !

Easy concept, you have exactly 60 seconds to write correctly the appearing words, without making any mistake.
Your typing speed (CPM: Characters per minute, WPM: Words per minute) is shown when game over, but only the words written without any error are counted.
Feel free to practice, beat your own records then challenge your friends by sharing your best scores on social media.

It's not just a "Typing" entertainment game, training can make you more productive at work, make fewer spelling errors, and learn new words.
It is also possible to learn new languages, dictionaries are provided in the following langs: english, french, italian, german, spanish, portuguese, russian, chinese and japanese.

- For beginners, it is better to focus on accuracy, not speed
- Press the Space or Enter key after writing a word, to move to the next word
- In case of error it is possible to go back then correct
Fast Typing Game with Fingers